Why Join the PTSA?

Studies show that students do better when parents are involved in their children’s educational lives. By joining the PTSA, you are showing that you support the programs and activities that we provide for our students, teachers and staff at CGPA. Becoming a member of the PTSA does not require you to volunteer (you need to sign-up separately for that). Joining the PTSA simply means you believe in the educational enhancement of our students and want to contribute your dues to the programs the PTSA supports. Membership is $10 per person and anyone can join!

We run many projects and events throughout the year to benefit our school and the education of our children.  From fundraisers to orientations to our annual Halloween Carnival and Family Fun Day, it all happens through the PTSA!  Get involved – join our PTSA today.


Download a 2016-17 PTSA Membership Form

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